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Hello from Hungary and thank you for looking at my info.
My name is Janos. I was born in 1952 city of Karcag, and I live here now too.
   I have contacted to electronics technique when I was in my childhood. After the secondery school, I became a club member of HA7KLJ in 1972. First learning Morse,  Q-code more ham's codes and amateurradio communications knowledge. So, I did amateur radio exams in 1974. Later building homebrew amateur radios and different equipments, measurements, antennas etc.
   My first radio contacts were made by the callsign HA7KLJ (clubstation of Karcag) in 1972 as an operator. In 1978 I have got my personal callsign and licenced: HA7NB. Favorite bands is HF, and modes SSB, SSTV, and Digital modes. I enjoy working with QRP powers.My LOC: KN07lh
   Aside from amateur radio I enjoy my secound hobby the radio controlled aeromodelling. This is a very interesting and spectacular hobby.
Member of the Regional Radio Sport Club Püspökladány, HA0KHW
Job: In 1971. my first workplace was the Hungarian Telecommunication Company, as wired transmission technician. Than from 2001. at the Hungarian Mobile Telecommunication Company, as mobile equipment service technician.
Retired since  july 2015.
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