QSL policy:
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 Electronic eQSL:
All my QSOs I will be uploaded to LoTW, eQSL, HRDLog, QRZ.com, Hamlog.eu and QRZCQ pages.
I prefer electronic eQSLs as they are faster, cheaper, easier to archive and they are more friendly to the environment etc.
Paper QSL:                                                                                                                        I send paper QSL card if You need it via the Bureau with pleasure no problem, but please do not send me paper QSL cards as I no longer collect them !
Some QSLcard pictures from can to send:
/QSL/qsl_ha7nb.jpg  /QSL/HA7NB_2017_1.jpg  /QSL/HA7NB_2017_2_v2.jpg  /QSL/HA7NB_2017_3_v2.jpg       2008 first version                          2017 v1                             2017 v2                              2017 v3
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