Satellite QO-100
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 1. Dish antenna with RX LNB and  2. Dish antenna with TX helical (HA7NB)
Dishes in back view (HA7NB)
The Tx helical front view (HA7NB)
The Tx helical rear view (HA7NB)
The plastic box with upconverter + the PA 2.4GHz and powersupply 12V. (HA7NB)
    739-144MHz QO-100 rx converter 2      739-144MHz QO-100 rx converterThe RX downconverter to 739/144 MHz
    downconverter QO-100      10m-2m-70cm-23cm-upconverterDXPatrol RX-downconverter and TX-upconverter switchable to 28MHz-144MHz-432MHz-1296MHz
The first eQSL card for SAT qso in SSTV mode:
F4CYH 13CM SSTV     
      The first analog SSTV QSO pictures via QO-100 satellite with SQ6ILB (26.11.2019)
               SSTV QSO with SQ6ILB        SSTV QSO with SQ6ILB    
               SSTV QSO with SQ6ILB        SSTV QSO with SQ6ILB  
               DJ6TB.jpg        DJ6TB.jpg
               M0KNC sstv        M0KNC sstv
    Some digi SSTV (KG-STV) pictures received via QO-100 satellite on 2.4GHz
      iz5ilx     iz5ilx     iz5ilx
      dm4ds     f6has     lx1bb George
      iz5ilx     iz5ilx de f4cyh Yannick     iz5ilx
      on7atv     on7atv Alain     iz5ilx
      vb7ee     vb7ee     vb7ee    
      LX1BB George     3B8FA Pat     3B8FA Pat
      3B8FA Pat     IV3MUR     IV3MUR
      DJ2FR     DM4DS     ON7ATV -Alain- JO11MH
and here are some others digital with EasyPal: